Sometimes all you can do in life is shake your head in disbelief…

I’m specifically referring to how a lot of us react when we see just how dumb people act on social media.

It’s pretty unbelievable!

And you know these folks are gonna be put on blast today!

Let’s take a look at some people who are really going above and beyond in the stupidity department.

1. Hahahaha. This is amazing!

You’re soul is doomed and you’re going to burn in Hell.

This is some Hunchback Of Notre Dame level shit!
byu/GomezTE ininsanepeoplefacebook

2. Let’s hitch a ride in the ambulance!

This makes a lot of sense.

People actually think this, ridiculous
byu/E_–_–_–_–_–_–_ ininsanepeoplefacebook

3. Are you sure about that?

It doesn’t seem like you gave it too much thought…

I’m at a loss for words on this one
byu/JSkillet28 ininsanepeoplefacebook

4. Get a life, loser.

Sorry, I had to be harsh with this one.

If you’re going to bring up Hitler, do your research
byu/asianj1m ininsanepeoplefacebook

5. I really hope this person didn’t have a lot of items.

The people behind them in line were probably really thrilled.

Not Facebook but I still think it belongs here
byu/stinkyshoe7 ininsanepeoplefacebook

6. I’m pretty sure there’s an open seat back there.

And this is what we call a Drama Queen.

No respect for elders anymore
byu/suckfail ininsanepeoplefacebook

7. I’m pretty sure this one is real.

Sorry to break it to you…

Maybe not “insane” but I thought it was pretty funny and I wanted to share
byu/PiggyBank32 ininsanepeoplefacebook

8. Prayers usually help. For sure.

I love the final comment on here.

Girl raises over $100K for the wild fires in Australia. Other girl thinks that prayers would be more helpful.
byu/devperez ininsanepeoplefacebook

9. Maybe you need to redo your math, Beth.

I bet she’s fun to deal with.

It’s the principle though…
byu/beemovie-bestmovie ininsanepeoplefacebook

10. What are these things?

Can anyone explain this to me?!?!

Imagine not knowing that puddles are normal
byu/Bmchris44 ininsanepeoplefacebook

11. She’s definitely a history buff.

And she seems really charming, as well!

Racist Karen.
byu/Dark_Link_1996 ininsanepeoplefacebook

12. Let’s revisit the Bubonic Plague, shall we?

Some people, I tell ya…

oh my god
byu/YEETTHETURKEY ininsanepeoplefacebook

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, share the dumbest things you’ve seen or heard lately.

Thanks in advance, friends!