Are you the kind of person who likes to leave a job quietly or go out with a bang?

I definitely belong in the former category.

I like to say my goodbyes, shake some hands, and leave on a good note…even if I didn’t particularly like the job or the people I worked with.

But some folks like to make a splash before they hit the exit for the last time.

And these people are perfect examples of what I’m talking about.

Check out what they did on their last days of work, we think you’ll get a kick out of them!

1. I bet your boss had something to say about this.

This is the way to go out!

2. Good luck trying to stop me!

That’s really giving them the business!

3. Ouch…you’re gonna have some unhappy customers.

What are they gonna do? Fire you?

4. Educating them on the way out the door.

I wonder how quickly this got erased.

5. A memory that will last a lifetime.

Did she buy anything, though?

6. You might as well have a little bit of fun on your last day.

Good for you!

7. You’re Number One!

Well, at least YOU think you are, and that’s all that matters.

8. Here you go!

I’m pretty sure they got the message.

9. I hope they know you’re kidding.

You’re kidding, right…?

10. Run for your life!

You still have time!

11. Did you charge it to the company?

Man, that looks good…

12. I enjoyed this!

Nice work!

Have you ever had an epic last day at work?

Tell us your stories in the comments.

Thanks a lot!