Wait a second…are my eyes playing tricks on me here?

It sure looks like it!

And I think you might be feeling the same way in just a few seconds when you take a look at these very interesting photos.

You ready to get weird and wild?

Go ahead and take a look!

1. Is this a great dessert, or what?

I’ll take two, please! Actually, make it three…

Cookies on cookie
byu/Scaulbylausis in2healthbars

2. Better be careful with that thing!

You don’t want that breaking and falling into your passenger seat, now do you?

This second window created by ice
byu/juraj_is_better in2healthbars

3. Nothing to see here.

Do you think this is gonna work?

byu/710DabbyDuck in2healthbars

4. Why did they do this?

I just can’t wrap my head around it…

He’s my step son
byu/meemee-man in2healthbars

5. I think I need to buy one of these.

They’re just so cool!

Found this hammer in the airbnb I’m staying in. I was intrigued to discover it rattled. Then I discovered the extra health bars!
byu/hairyfacedhooman in2healthbars

6. Look closely and you’ll see the broken window…and what’s behind it.

These folks really blew it!

Someone tried to break into an auto parts store near my house.
byu/cyborgwaffle in2healthbars

7. The man only wears one kind of shirt. EVERY DAY.

He’s kind of like Dwight Schrute.

From r/peopleofwalmart
byu/solapurkar in2healthbars

8. How am I supposed to read this thing?

Can anyone tell me what time it is?

byu/XilamBalam in2healthbars

9. The flooring just never ends, does it?

I wonder what’s under THAT layer…

Pulling up the the flooring in my porch to reveal more flooring.
by in2healthbars

10. I’m on board with this idea!

More town halls out there need mascots.

This town hall has a mascot of itself
by in2healthbars

11. Okay, now you’re making me hungry.

Actually, I should say that now I’m STARVING.

byu/esssssto in2healthbars

12. I wonder what’s in that cup…

You don’t see that every day!

byu/Xarben in2healthbars

Have you seen any weird photos lately that made you do a double-take?

If so, share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot! We can’t wait!