You really blew it this time!

Has anyone ever said that to you when you failed to catch on to a joke?

Well, if you haven’t experienced that humiliation, count your lucky stars…

These people we’re about to meet DEFINITELY missed the joke in a major way.

Let’s take a look.

1. This looks like a lie to me.

And this person doesn’t seem too bright, do they?

2. Hahaha, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

And I do mean EVER.

3. I love me some boneless avocados.

People are pretty smart, don’t you think?

4. You have to be sensitive to color blind people, ya know?

They’re going through some pretty rough stuff.

5. I love the Big Apple.

There’s just nothing like it!

6. Do you know what small talk is?

Because I’m really not sure…

7. We’re dealing with a real genius here.

Also, have you seen one of these in a parking lot before?

8. Journey to the center of the Earth.

Went right over their head, didn’t it?

9. Are you sure this is PhotoShopped?

I just want to make sure…

10. This really is heartbreaking.

I hope they are still able to enjoy their meal…

11. This is a once-in-a-lifetime photo!

How did you manage to snap it?!?!

12. Well, this party is definitely gonna be ruined now.

And the person who commented really isn’t picking up what you’re putting down.

What’s your funniest story about someone totally missing the point?

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