The other day, I found myself thinking about the other day. Not the day I was in mind you, the other other day. See I was thinking about the past, and then slightly later, I was thinking about how I’d thought about the past. And now I guess I’m recalling for you a moment in the past where I thought about when I thought about the past.

The point is, I do a lot of reflecting, and I quite enjoy it. Especially during the downtime, when it just feels like there’s not much going on. You can always cast your mind back to some time when there WERE things happening, and enjoy that for a while.

So come with me, won’t you? Let’s look at yesterday.

12. Hollywood Video

The Target to the Walmart that was Blockbuster.

11. Gameboy Printer

It sucked, it was compatible with like two games, and it cost the modern equivalent of about 100 bucks.
They sold a ton of ’em.

10. Old McDonalds Menus

You can just smell the cigarette smoke radiating off of this.

9. Bottle Cap Giveaways

So many fortunes were probably tossed without a look.

8. The Toy Run

There were a lot of these type of sweepstakes back in the day.
You get X number of minutes to go grab as much as you can in a store.
Every kid’s dream.

7. These Dinosaur Puppets

Where did they come from? Who knows.
But you had some.

6. Whatever This Was

If it was neon and slightly gross, you had the attention of 90’s children.

5. Spy Vs. Spy

Oh, those rascals.

4. Music Stores

I know, they still exist, but the CD era was the last time that buying physical copies of music was a necessity rather than a novelty.

3. Lite-Brite

Those little pieces would end up absolutely everywhere.

2. French Toast

Do the kids of today still enjoy his delicacy?

1. Goosebumps

The original 2 spoopy 4 me.

Man. Remember when we were remembering stuff just now?

Good times.

What are you most nostalgic for?

Tell us in the comments.