How are you doing today? Whatever the case, we have something special in store for you!

Are you ready for this? Wait for it…wait a little bit longer for it…

Today we’re going to get F-U-N-N-Y!

Does that sound agreeable to you?

We thought you’d be into that idea!

So let’s quit chit-chatting and get on to the funny business. Woooo!

1. What are you trying to hide?

You might as well just tell the truth…

2. This works every time!

But it can be kind of expensive.

3. The relationship ended that night.

You can’t come back from that.

4. That is sweet, sweet music.

There’s really nothing like it.

5. Are you sure you’re okay?

Hmmm, something seems off here.

6. Can you believe your eyes?

I’m not sure that’s correct…

7. Seriously, come up with something new!

I have way too many of those wooden balls.

8. My daughter is on the left.

Thanks for clearing that up!

9. Mom really doesn’t have a clue about what you’re doing, does she?

No clue at all…

10. You never know what you’re gonna get when you do this.

It can really get wild on there!

11. All of these names are wonderful.

Which one is your favorite?

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Memes, tweets, jokes, photos, etc.!

We love all of them!

Please and thank you!