Alright, friends, it’s time to have some fun!

And by fun, I mean that we’re gonna laugh hysterically together at how stupid these folks are who were brave enough to post these things on social media.

I weep for our future…

Are you ready for some hearty laughs?

Get started now!

1. Where are your eyes, my friend?

You’re confusing all of us!

Photo Credit: Reddit

2. I’m looking for a job with a high celery.

Those can be hard to find!

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3. Did you have a big growths-burg when you were younger?

I bet you did…

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4. Tell me what this word means.

This description is amazing.

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5. Don’t even think about it.

Well, on second thought…

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6. I’m looking for something that’s really heavy Judy.

Gimme the good stuff, baby!

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7. This really went off the rails.

Nice try there, champ!

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8. What’s your least favorite pet pea?

Take your time and read it slowly.

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9. You need that booth tooth these days.

No doubt about it!

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10. A complete and total…

Well, you’ll see…

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11. That didn’t work out so well.

Oh, boy…come on, America!

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12. This one is pretty hard to decipher.

Go ahead and give us a shot…and let us know if you can figure this out.

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What’s the dumbest thing you’ve seen someone post on social media?

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