Do you love it when stuff is funny?

And when that stuff is right on the money?

You’re darn right!

And if you’re a mom or a dad, you’re gonna love these tweets about those little hellraisers.

Are you ready to have some laughs?

Let’s get ‘er going!

1. Just let that kid dream a little bit longer.

But that’s gonna be a big reality check. Ouch!

2. You have a big decision to make.

Think about the children!

3. That’s kind of depressing.

What kind of things has this kid been reading and watching…?

4. That was the big takeaway from the new James Bond film.

Smart kid you got there.

5. Let’s see how you like it!

All parenting is about wanting other moms and dads to suffer like you do.

6. This is what happens when there’s no ice cream in the house.

You better tread very carefully…

7. That was a long one!

Thought it was never gonna end…

8. No one is judging you.

Just take a deep breath…

9. Parents, keep your phones out of the hands of your children.

Or else you’ll end up in this kind of situation…

10. That’ll clear everyone out!

Parents, did you ever think about this tactic?

11. Seems a little excessive to me.

Anyone else care to chime in on this?

12. Never give a kid rice.

It always ends in terrible fashion.

Okay, you know the drill…

Now we want to hear from you.

Tell us how wild and crazy your kids have been lately!

Do it in the comments!