As if being a teenager weren’t tough enough already, now they have to deal with being cut off from their friends, not being able to go to school, and having all their activities canceled for the foreseeable future.

But teenagers are gonna be teenagers no matter what, right?

They’re gonna act crazy, drive their parents nuts, and act out in dramatic fashion.

You know, all the good stuff!

Here are some hilarious tweets that get to the nitty gritty of raising teens.


1. You’re ruining my life!

I’m sure you’ve heard this before…

2. Like dealing with a pepper spray bomb.

I can’t breathe in here!

3. You win this round!

But keep your eyes open, Mom…

4. God, leave me alone!

You did your best…

5. Yeah, Butthead.

Aren’t kids just delightful?

6. Something’s either broken or on fire.

Better put the pedal to the medal.


God help all of you.

8. I’ll see you in four years.

We’ll miss you!

9. Don’t even think about it.

The key is to plant the seed the night before…at least that’s how I operated.

10. Just killing time out here.

Waiting…and waiting…and then more waiting…


It’s not as cool when parents do it.

12. You’re right, but just don’t bring it up.

Kids and their rock music these days…I’ll tell ya…

Those are pretty on-point, don’t you think?

Okay, all you moms and dads out there, now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us what it’s been like raising kids during this very unique and unprecedented time.

We’d love to hear your thoughts!