Poor Generation X’ers.

They seem pretty much left behind right now as Millennials and Boomers soak up all the attention in the world, don’t they? But maybe they’re okay with that. Maybe they can just sit back and laugh at all the fights those two are getting into?

Well, buck up GenX, because you’re about to get some prime time recognition! Let’s get into some tweets so we can see how all of my slacker friends are feeling right about now.

And away we go…

1. Really dating yourself here.

Like fine wine, right?

2. Not looking good on either side.

The in between generation has some issues with y’all!

3. Here’s some real talk.

Don’t get us started Gen Z!


4. It was good while it lasted.

Think about how much of the world we could have controlled had we been better prepared!

5. I’ll be watching from over here.

It’s safe over here. And warm.

11. You did what you had to do.

Which wasn’t much.

7. We can’t even talk about it anymore?

But can we talk about Fight Club now, or…

8. Just sit back and watch.

Don’t think about it too much.

9. Off to the wayside.

Just where we like to be, honestly.

10. Ouch. Take it easy…

And get it right, kid!


Keep your heads up, Gen X’ers! It’s not all that bad.

We’re out here and we’re listening to you! …at least some of the time…

So let us know what you think in the comments!