It works every time! No, not drinking Colt .45! I’m talking about adorable and wholesome posts about dogs! All kinds of dogs!

And these certainly put a HUGE smile on this guy’s face. Because I am all in on cute doggo posts! For reals!

Let’s dive into these pics about a bunch of good doggos out there!

And away we go!

1. Quite an honor.

Think of how much work that took. Yikes!

Neighbors are a big fan of luna!
by inaww

2. “My heart is full.”

It’s time to love again.

We adopted a greyhound that was super skittish for months and was very suspicious of us. Tonight she initiated cuddles and my heart is full
byu/RandomHero25 inaww

3. Part of the crew.

I love that he’s part of the team now! It’s like an animated film!

Rescued tortoise is now a part of a Great Dane litter
byu/vinkulelu inaww

4. Vicious guard dog.

He’s gonna rip somebody’s arm off!

Who wants a belly rub?
byu/Senji06 inwholesomememes

5. Mean punk rockers.

They’re so darn vicious!

“My friend lives above a punk bar and sent us this pic of her dog and the regulars”
byu/SpermaSpons inaww

6. Gentle giants are gentle and giant.

“Look at what I found?”

My neighbor’s sweet dog found a moth. It was suggested I post this here, too.
byu/SleepingFoots inaww

7. Separated at birth? You be the judge!

That’s quite a resemblance, right?

My friend just texted “Adopted a dog yesterday”…. with this pic
byu/slabcobot inaww

8. Dropping those pounds like a darn champion!

You’re gonna live forever, Reba!

It has taken 2 years since we adopted her, but Reba has dropped more than half her weight and I couldn’t be more proud of her.
byu/OkieDogDad inaww

9. All tuckered out after the biggest of days!

Imma just gonna lay on dis nana. kthxbai.

He had a long day
byu/jphoto0 inaww

10. I really do think we should keep this little one safe, don’t you?

Can we, can we, can we, can weeeeeeee??????

Can we keep her?
byu/Sh1fty3yedD0g inaww

11. Best friends from now on.

I’m gonna love him and hug him and kiss him forever!

He found his new bestfriend!!
by inMadeMeSmile

Those pics made me so happy, I can’t get this smile off of my face!

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