No doubt about it, the entire world got turned upside down earlier this year in March when the coronavirus hit hard.

My life hasn’t changed TOO much because I’ve been working from home for a few years now. So I was pretty prepared for the daily routine of getting to work from my desk at home every morning.

But this quarantine has affected every person differently. And people took to Twitter to make hilarious (and true) observations about what life during the quarantine has been like.

Here’s what they had to say.

1. Do days even matter anymore?

Do they even EXIST anymore?

2. Zing! Good point.

What a bad time to be a young person.


3. And that’s my excuse.

It’s better than “the dog ate it.”

4. Number 14 was the hardest for me.

Back in my day…

5. Here’s my new schedule.

As long as you’re getting 8 to 9 hours…

6. Could this be true…?

FYI, that’s Tony Soprano’s house.

7. That’s a really bad sign.

Everyone has a podcast nowadays.

8. The balcony might be kind of fun tonight.

Go ahead! Get crazy!

9. Wash the pain away.

This ought to do the trick.

10. I love this!

Hey, at least they’re being productive.

11. I’m gonna need constant updates about Benny.

Ask and you shall receive.


12. That didn’t take very long.

Some folks are dealing with it better than others.

13. Remember when that was a thing?

Hopefully it’ll be back soon…hopefully…

How about you?

How has your life changed during the quarantine?

We want to hear what you have to say, so sound off in the comments.

Tell us the good and the bad things that have come out of this situation for you. Thanks in advance!