When I’m in a bad mood, there’s one thing that really lifts my spirits up and turns my day around in a major way.

I’m talking about funny animal tweets, friends. And if you’re not on board, you’re gonna want to jump on this wagon as soon as possible. Trust me on this one, okay?

It’s better than therapy and a helluva lot cheaper, I can tell you that much.

All you need to do is relax, scroll through these posts, and enjoy yourself!

Let’s get started right now!

1. This might make you cry.

This is very wholesome.


2. They went ahead and helped themselves.

You knew this was gonna happen.

3. What do you think this cat is plotting?

World takeover? Probably…

4. Dashing through the snow.

You’re getting there!

5. Father and son.

Is this adorable, or what?

6. Do a little dance.

This kitty is pretty excited.

7. You got snitched on.

That was NOT COOL, kitty.


8. Lou Diamond Phillips for the win!

That’s awesome! I love this guy!

9. Growing up so fast!

What a good boy!

10. Not used to the time change yet.

That’s understandable, I guess.

11. They’re thinking the same thing about us.

It’s a give-and-take relationship.


12. How did that happen?

What a day…


13. I’m a big fan of this fella.

Just take it all in…I think he loves the great outdoors.

Now it’s your turn, friends!

In the comments, share some photos of your pets with us.

And tell us a little bit about them!

We’d love to meet them!

Thanks, fam!