Though he left the show before it had finished its run in order to work on other projects, Steve Carell appeared in a total of 138 episodes of The Office as the horribly lovable boss Michael Scott.

A man in search of his destiny and yet not really moving at all, Michael was full of would-be witticisms that the writers expertly crafted to land somewhere between sincerity and total, cringeworthy nonsense.

Here are just a few of those lines.

13. Carrying out your sentence

I’m doing the same thing with this one right now – popsicles.

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12. Meet me inside

Maybe the saddest joke in the entire series?

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11. Next level

They’re not laughing at you OR with you, they’re just not laughing.

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10. Super duper

I’m not superstitious but that doesn’t mean I won’t freak the heck out in an old creepy house.

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9. On the run

He must have lost his train of thought.

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8. Beyond Beyonce

A bold claim.

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7. Fear and loving

This is pretty much how I was taught theology.

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6. Like like like

Real time footage of America’s leaders in action.

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5. Burn baby, burn

What secrets was he hiding from us all along?

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4. Yes and no

Me, all the time, every day.

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3. I understand

“Any man who says he can see right through a woman is missing a lot.” – Groucho Marx

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2. All in the family


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1. Don’t stop

Just when I was about to bust out the lampshade.

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Do I love these quotes or fear them? I’m afraid of how much I love them.

What’s your favorite quote from The Office?

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