I don’t have any kids, but a few of my friends have daughters and I already feel so sorry for the guys who are going to date them when they are teenagers…they have no idea what they’re in for.

Because these guys are kind of intimidating and they are really gonna scare these young men…and I hope they film these interactions so I can enjoy them, too!

Dads were asked to talk about their daughters’ worst boyfriends…

And here’s what guys on AskReddit had to say.

1. The rules.

“I mostly of hate all of them, I’m old and of course, its not that i don’t understand their genearation, it’s them, and i stand by it.

But it’s not up to me. I’ve always been very open about the fact that I only care about how they treat her. It doesnt matter how I relate with them.

That being said, I’ll stab a kid if he doesn’t treat her properly.”

2. The first one.

“Her first high school boyfriend.

I saw the texts between them, he was pressuring her to have s*x with him and demeaning her so, I picked up the phone when he called one day and without saying anything to him at all he had an attitude problem with me.

I told him he needed to check his attitude with me and treat my daughter with respect. He promptly told me verbatim to “go f*ck myself” and then dared me to do anything about it.”

3. Not a fan.

“The first one. She’s had two, him and the current one who’s a nice guy (other than we absolutely don’t agree on politics, but hey).

I “didn’t know” about the first one. Her mum told me about him as he was actually someone I taught. So I had to see him several times a week while I just _know_ he was lording it up at me “not knowing” he was seeing my little girl (by little, I mean 17/18).

I never got to give him the “treat her well” speech because of this. And he didn’t. Dumping her was the best thing he did for her, though.”

4. Pick your poison.

“It was a toss up between emo-boy whose kept his hair in front of his eyes and spoke in morose monosyllables and overly groomed guy who screwed around and broke her heart.

Broke up with her by text. He hadn’t had a great life since, so maybe karma really happens – or maybe just being a jerk sets you up for an unhappy life.”


“Her current (and first) one. She’s 16 and “in love” and I’m trying to be supportive but this boy is a complete idiot.

He frequently blows her off to play video games, is never on time when they’re supposed to meet up (by like hours) and just doesn’t seem to appreciate her or her time.

I’ve told her this multiple times, and have subtly suggested maybe they should take “a break” but they’re still together.”

6. At least she’s onto him…

“Branden, her first boyfriend, is the biggest dipsh*t I’ve ever met. It’s not even a generational thing, I’m pretty sure I’d hate him if I was fifteen.

Every time he’s come to pick her up he’s been late. And he doesn’t even send a “running late” text, he just shows up thirty minutes later than planned, they’ve missed at least one movie because of this.

I thought it was a blessing initially because she isn’t on her phone nearly as much, it turns out he just ghosts her all day and then keeps her up all night to talk.

I would have loved to have that level of communication at their age.

She’s onto him, she keeps saying she wants to break up with him but I think she just wants to do it in a nice way.”

7. What is this thing?

“This one time, my daughter brought home a young man for dinner.

He claimed to not know what a potato was. Like REALLY?

Has he never eaten french fries in his life?”

8. Get lost.

“This little sh*t who would regurgitate the most hateful, primarily right wing, talking points.

I remember after Hurricane Maria his older (college age) sister planned a trip to Puerto Rico to assist with the clean up and recovery. He was furious at her for being such a bleeding heart.

He would rant about it. I mean those people are suffering and not that it’s super relevant to my point, but might matter to his view, they’re suffering Americans. That’s just one example.

I always found it disturbing that a 16 year old was so entrenched in such a myopic view of the world. No curiosity, no humility.”

9. A loser.

“The one that only dated her to get in her pants.

He brought nothing to the table but a pen*s.”

10. A real keeper.

“He was a recovering drug addict, out of juvy 19 years old and she was 17 but it was when he said he wanted to be a youtube influencer I wanted throw his *ss out.

Oh but it gets better he sits at my table eating dinner telling my daughter what she can and can’t do with her hair etc…

I think the look on my face would have been enough but nope they didn’t break up until his ex got out of juvy and they got back on the drugs and called her up high to abuse her over the phone.”

11. All the bad stuff.

“He was arrogant, condescending, lazy and broke, and for some reason she loved him.

He would make her buy him food. He was the inspiration for buying her a car with a stick shift. I thought then he would not try to drive it. The idea backfired and he made her drive him around all the time.

It took everything she had to get up the courage to finally dump him after being cheated on. Now she is about to graduate from a university and has a decent boyfriend.

He is pushing carts at the king Soopers I shop at. I love it.”

12. Gotta dump this guy.

“The current one, although the previous one wasn’t great either.

Besides blaming my daughter for him asking other girls for nudes (we were at Disney World at the time and don’t live in Florida), he’s also showing violent tendencies like punching his phone until it was smashed and his knuckles were bloody.

Then, he decided to make a facebook post: “Now that all the pride bullsh*t is over, you BLM and LGBTQ need to get out of the way so we can celebrate the Veterans that defended our country on their holiday. ”

We have trans and pansexual family members, one of which my daughter is extremely close to. My mother in law said that he would not be allowed at their family functions if he keeps talking like that, which devolved into his entire family proving their racism and hate.

Unfortunately, she has not decided to dump him yet.”

13. Hey o!

“So when my daughter had her first boyfriend and I met him I said “so you’re the b*stard who took my daughters virginity!”

He replied: “sorry sir , I promise it won’t happen again”.”

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