I’m currently cat-sitting for my sister while she is out of town and it’s been a crash-course in cat ownership.

I’m dealing with two kitties with very different personalities.

Leo is an old man who likes to sit on my lap at night in front of the TV.

Mac, on the other hand, has been hiding from me for days and only comes out of his secret spots when it’s time to eat. I’m trying to win him over but it’s been a tough road so far…

I have a feeling you’re a cat person if you’re about to look through these memes.

So let’s enjoy them together!

1. There he is!

They find the weirdest places to hide, huh?


2. Are you okay?

There’s some kind of malfunction going on…


3. That might have been a mistake.

The cat is obviously trying to kill you.


4. My, how times have changed.

This is how cats have fun now.


5. Oh, Mr. Puss!

What’s he gonna do next?!?!


6. Found a way to make it work.

Put that cake in the attic.


7. Feed me first, then you can clean.

Who’s in charge here?


8. A kitty cat horror story.

Oh God no!!!!!


9. Not impressed one bit.

What the hell is going on here?


10. What do you think you’re doing?

You never know what’s gonna happen next…


11. The face says it all.

You only have one choice…


12. I thought I heard something!

How are you going to explain that it was only an accident?


13. More evil cat plotting.

Should have never told them about the murder hornets…


Do you have cats?

If so, we want you to tell us all about them in the comments!

Share some pics with us too so we can meet these furry friends of yours!

Please and thank you!