I heard someone say once that you should never, ever, under any circumstances ignore your dog or ever treat them badly because WE are the most important things in their lives.

They can’t wait for us to get home when we leave, they light up with excitement every single time they see us, and we should do the same for them!

Because, sadly, they’re not here for very long so we should do everything in our power to make their lives as enjoyable as possible. What I’m trying to say is that it’s all about the love, baby.

So give your pups a squeeze for us and enjoy these great memes!

1. I hope that’s not the case!

I think they’re just giving us kisses.


2. Pick your gift.

They’re sweet AND smart.


3. Really? Right now you have to do this?

Gee, thanks a lot.


4. I support this 100%.

I hope this dog runs for President.


5. You knew that was gonna happen.

I’m jealous!


6. Awwww. Cute.

He still loves it!


7. This is perfect.

That’s really all you need.


8. He sure does.

And we all agree!


9. Not a fan of this thing.

Get rid of it!


10. Call the dog advice hotline if you need to.

They really do great work.


11. You’re not fooling them.

But nice try…


12. Put on that smiley face.

You can vent when work is over.


13. I feel you, buddy.

It’s pretty exhausting out there.


Will you do us a big favor?

In the comments, share a photo of your pooch and tell us a little bit about them.

We love meeting as many new pups as possible!

Thanks in advance!