I’m lucky enough to have been raised by two awesome parents who were also very funny.

While they were strict about some things, they always tried to keep the mood light with humor. And since there are five kids in my family, you know they had to be funny or else they’d lose their minds and disown all of us…

Here are some hilarious parents that are keeping their kids in stitches, no matter how old they are.

1. Thanks a lot, Mom…

2. This is what dads do.


3. Jesus, is that you?

4. You don’t want to see those chimney pics?


5. Still in love.


6. Dad got you!


7. This is hilarious.

8. Teeny tiny deckchairs.

9. A proud papa.

10. I love this!


11. You will not be having any girls over.

12. For the majestic Listerine.

13. Mom is being petty.

Hey o! Those parents are definitely making their kids laugh in a major way, don’t you think?

We want to hear from you! Do your parents make you laugh? Or maybe now you’re a parent and you are a real crack-up to your kids?

Tell us all about it in the comments, please!