Do you consider yourself a pretty punny person?

Do you like wordplay and all the fun that comes along with it?

If the answer to both of those questions is YES, we think you’re gonna love these punny posts.

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1. Don’t do anything to his liver!

Oh…never mind…now they got it…

I’m sure he’ll grow up to liver healthy life.
byu/Morgan_Redwood inpuns

2. Read this one very carefully.

And let us know how long it took for you to figure it out.

That’s a foot and…
byu/RabbitGuySentMe inpuns

3. You don’t see too many bologna jokes anymore.

That’s why this one is special!

Getting to the meat of the matter
byu/ducksarewitches inpuns

4. You need to marry this woman immediately.

Y’all can rock out together!

Marry her faster
byu/RobMash11 inpuns

5. Ask and you shall receive.

He definitely didn’t let you down!

Those brother in law pun skills
byu/IDontBeleiveImOnFIre inpuns

6. Let’s just call it a day.

I see what you did there…and I love it!

Day and night
byu/Bongnazi inpuns

7. He’s out on the street fighting for just-ice.

Is he really gonna be effective this way? Come on!

byu/Bongnazi inpuns

8. This poor guy needs to go to the vet.

You WOOD, wouldn’t you?

Sick doggo.
by inpuns

9. It sure does!

No doubt about that!

I loaf it 😂
byu/Yugvijay inpuns

10. That really is very unfortunate.

I love anything to do with Chinese food…and that includes puns about it.

11. Well, you can’t unsee this one, now can you?

Just go with it, I guess.

12. I think Dina might be getting a little bit annoyed here.

Just a guess…

This dina change anything for him
byu/Dankmonseiur69 inpuns

13. Take a look at this, just in case…

Now this is a good pun that we can all enjoy!

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