Who out there is ready to LAUGH OUT LOUD?!?!

Yeah, I’m talking to YOU and yeah, you’re in for big treat today.

Because these tweets are so darn funny, you’re not even gonna know what hit you.

So strap in, hang on tight, and have a blast with these funny tweets!

1. I see what you did there.

And I thought it was pretty good!


2. Truer words have never been spoken.

The camera adds ten pounds. The mirror subtracts fifteen. It’s true!

3. I think I might have a few ideas as to why that’s happening.

You’re doing this to yourself!


4. Give me a second-by-second update, please.

I need to know every move you make.


5. You are speaking the truth!

Quitting time now rolls around at about 3:30.

6. I’d like to know who the other person is?

Or is it a dog? Or maybe a cat?


7. I learned it from watching you!

How have they not figured this out yet? You think they’d know…


8. Can anyone explain this to me.

I’m at a total loss…maybe I’m too old?


9. Could this mean the end of the world is near?

Let’s hope not. Actually, on second thought…

10. Welp, looks like I’m in for the night.

You’re gonna be in bed by 5:30, aren’t you?

11. Not this street, you idiot!

What were you thinking?

12. What do you need NOW?

It never ends with babies…they always need something.

Now you’re gonna make us laugh!

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We love jokes and photos, too!

We look forward to it!