There might be no way to really prepare for what it’s like to have kids, but we can listen to the moms and dads and nannies who have been there and have some experience under their belts.

Heck, I have some experience and some of these 13 genius hacks were new to me – I wish I’d seen them when my kids were younger, but even now, they just might come in handy!

13. This is good advice for humans in general.

What’s better than sharing a book you love?

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12. We all want to avoid blowouts.

Especially in the carseat. I still have nightmares.

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11. This is a cool hack.

You’ve got to have a specific kind of paci, though.

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10. I could still use this tip, honestly.

I think we’re going to be buying baby wipes for a long, long time.

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9. No more buying snack-size bags.

I wonder how hot that knife needs to be…

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8. Those command hooks, I swear.

What are they NOT good for?

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7. My jaw just dropped open.

This is seriously SO smart.

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6. This is genius.

And a cheap fix for a stinky problem!

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5. Any way you can trap them.

It’s about time those fitted sheets started doing something for you.

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4. You can change the heat on your dishwasher?

Consider my mind blown.

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3. Do you really need a stroller fan?

The answer is obviously yes.

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2. Those pacifiers just disappear.

We’re all found ourselves scrambling around searching for one at bedtime.

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1. This has saved me!

Babies that little aren’t supposed to have water, so this is a great swap.

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If I ever decide to have another baby I’m going to keep this video bookmarked!

What are your favorite hacks that no one bothered to pass along before you became a parent? We’d love it if you’d share them with us in the comments!