Life moves pretty fast, and it’s easy to feel like you’re being left behind with all the insane technology we have in our pockets and in our home these days.

And it’s especially hard for older folks to keep up with all these phones, computers, TVs, and every other technological advancement you can think of.

That’s why these posts about moms having a hard time with their gadgets are so funny because they are the undisputed TRUTH.

Let’s take a look. And let’s have a laugh!

1. This is all very confusing…

Get a grip, Mom!

So my mom got a new phone….
byu/Mossy375 inoldpeoplefacebook

2. Hahahaha. Wow.

Think she was embarrassed at all?

My friends mom posted this on her timeline
byu/GoldenTinus inoldpeoplefacebook

3. She’s just trying to fit in.

I’m also against dabbing, FYI.

Christian moms against dabbing [x-post from /r/facebookwins]
by inoldpeoplefacebook

4. She’s getting the hang of things…

It’s coming along very slowly…

Just trying to send my mom a wholesome meme I know she would enjoy smh
byu/iamorangebear inoldpeoplefacebook

5. Just wanted to pop in and say HI.

Seems appropriate, right?

My Mom says hello.
byu/merlinrising inoldpeoplefacebook

6. Not how it works, Mother!

But I’ll give you an A for effort.

Mom got a new iPad. Thinks she needs to create a new Facebook account
byu/Peanut-Biz inoldpeoplefacebook

7. A total disaster so far.

Let’s hope things start looking up.

My mom thinks Facebook is the central hub of the internet. I needed her to test a website feature.. asked her to go to the site, but “make sure you type in the actual web address bar and *not* a Facebook search”
byu/FluffaDuffa inoldpeoplefacebook

8. That’s what it is!

It’s a whole new world for her.

“New faces on my phone” my mom is late to the emoji game
byu/skitte5984 inoldpeoplefacebook

9. I love this!

Maybe should’ve cropped out the top, though.

Mom framed a screenshot from her iCloud
byu/starvingpixelpainter inoldpeoplefacebook

10. Wayyyyy too much information.

Thanks for the update, though!

My mom just peaked! Sent to entire family FB groups
byu/Gaijinloco inoldpeoplefacebook

11. Not sure why they’re laughing…

Did you find this to be funny?

My mom had an interesting conversation with her friend…
byu/Longassname inoldpeoplefacebook

12. A real texting machine.

Jackie, Jackie!

Mom can text now
byu/jfern520 inoldpeoplefacebook

13. This is so hilarious.

A perfectly captured moment in time.

Man’s mother likes to use the microphone function rather than typing to text while driving.
by inoldpeoplefacebook

Those really made me laugh because I’m on the phone at least once a week with my parents trying to walk them through how to do something with their phone, their computer, or their TV.

I guess a lot of us are dealing with it!

But it sure is funny!

How about you? Do you have to give your parents or other people a helping hand when it comes to fancy, new technology?

Tell us all about it in the comments, please!