Alright, fellas, are you ready to go on the record here and tell us how you REALLY feel about being married?

Luckily for us, these husbands did just that…and now they may want to watch their backs or maybe even enter the Witness Protection Program, because I don’t think their wives are going to be very happy about these tweets.

Let’s hope they have a sense of humor, right?

Or else these men might be in for some dark days ahead…

Let’s take a look at what these guys had to say…and let’s keep our fingers crossed for them.

1. Here’s the evidence, Your Honor.

It’s all over now!

2. This is all very exciting!

You’re doing it wrong!

3. You might want to cancel your credit cards.

Just an idea…

4. You wanted to know.

I can’t believe she got upset…

5. I was supposed to know that?

This is mind-blowing.

6. You guys had a good run.

But now IT’S OVER.

7. This is pretty HOT.

How many cookies can I have?

8. Better safe than sorry.

I personally think you’re doing the right thing.


9. What was she thinking?

The red plate! THE RED PLATE!

10. It’s a fun game.

Keep it interesting!

11. Whew! That was close.

It could have been very ugly.

12. What did you do?!?!

She must really love that about you.

13. Oh, there is.

Now you know!

Okay guys, now we want to hear from all of you out there!

In the comments, tell us how you’re holding up and if you’re driving your significant other up the wall.

We can’t wait to hear from you!