It can be hard to navigate Twitter

There’s so much content coming at you from all directions that you don’t know what to focus on…

And that’s where we come in!

We like to find hilarious tweets for you to enjoy so you can block out all the excess noise and zone in on the good stuff! Because if not, it’s like wandering around in the wilderness with your head up your…well, you know what I’m talking about.

And nobody wants that!

So enjoy these tweets and keep checking back for more collections of hilarity from us.

1. Not a bad life plan.

We all know about the issues with women’s pockets.


2. It’s gonna get much worse.

So buckle up…


3. Vegans…oh, boy.

Some of them can be a bit much.

4. Dad was right!

Father knows best. Always.

5. Seriously. What are they thinking?

I’d be quiet if I were you.

6. That is not a good look.

And yes, everyone is judging you.

7. Keeping telling yourself that…

It does sound pretty good.

8. I see what you did there!

And I’m impressed!

9. At least you’re honest.

Old Salami Lips is back again.

10. That does not look good.

Good luck with that!


11. Cat people are pretty intense.

I’d tread carefully if I were you…


12. That’s pretty much all of us right now.

Hey, why lie about it?

13. You’re an unbearable teenager!

You know it’s the truth!

Have you seen anything particularly funny on social media lately?

Memes? Tweets? Photos?

If so, please share them with us in the comments! Thanks!