I mean, I feel like, on any given day, most parents are in need of a laugh – and that goes double (or more) for this past year.

Life with kids is tough – emotionally, physically, psychologically – and being able to laugh about the ridiculousness of the day-to-day is key to getting through it.

If you’re having a day where you definitely need to remember not to take things too seriously, these 14 memes should do the trick.

13. It’s quite the universal phrase.

Applies to pretty much everything.

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12. No, not be a duck…

Too late. Oh well.

11. It’s a delicate balance.

Everyone has to play their parts juusssst right.

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10. We’re all lying to ourselves to make it through.

At least everyone looks like crap.

9. Who knew there were so many questions?

Thank goodness for Alexa.

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8. The best thing he could think of.

Bless his heart.

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7. You definitely want to get top dollar.

He’s already cost you a lot, after all.

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6. This is why you don’t let them control the radio.

Hahahaha like that was ever going to happen.

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5. It’s what bonds us together.

And sets us apart from the dads.

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4. Nope, sorry honey, no ice cream.

At least, there won’t be when you wake up tomorrow.

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3. It doesn’t apply to you though.

You didn’t think it would, right?

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2. All of these are valid concerns.

Enjoy it while you can.

1. Do you…do you have to watch Sesame Street?

Just asking. No reason.

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I’m feeling a little looser in the shoulders and neck already; how about you?

Which of these memes rang the most true for you?

Tell us in the comments!