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Sometimes, Twitter can bring some really great stories out of people.

Take this Twitter thread, for example. Someone threw a question out asking for people to share their cool family history stories and it generated a ton of great responses.

And since this is Twitter, you know A LOT of people responded…

1. That’s what I call a hero.

2. The most reviled man.

3. She’s not gonna take it.

4. A badass saboteur.

5. Don’t get in her way.

6. That is awesome.

7. A pretty bold move.

8. What a story!

9. He wasn’t lying.

10. The Woman in Red.

11. A proud chief.

12. Stepped up to the plate.

13. Preserving history.

Wow! Those are pretty interesting.

Do you have any cool and interesting stories about your family and your ancestors?

Share them with us in the comments!