As someone who has had both good jobs AND bad jobs, I can say that when you have a good one you are extremely grateful.

It just makes work and life so much better when you work for good people and you are empowered to do your best job and they appreciate you.

Unfortunately, as you probably already know, many jobs are not like that. But the folks we’re about to hear from seem to have landed some good gigs. And they shared what empowers them at their jobs.

Let’s take a look.

1. For everyone.

You are literally saving lives.

2. All kinds of great work.

You’re making a huge impact.

3. Helping them stay afloat.

Great fundraisers are needed everywhere.

4. Leading by example.

You are living it.

5. Helping out people who really need it.

Our hats are off to you.

6. Crucial work.

Well informed citizens are good citizens.

7. Be there for them.

Reaping the rewards.

8. Impact through art.

The motion picture business.

9. Changing the world.

Working hard to find answers.

10. We all need an escape.

Yours comes through creativity.

11. Let’s eat!

We thank you!

12. Molding young minds.

And giving them direction.

13. It works well for you.

And that is empowering!

Those are great!

And now we want to hear from you!

What do you think is empowering about your job?

Talk to us in the comments!