Here’s a life tip for all of you out there: if you’re thinking about dishing out some bad advice, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

Because all you’re gonna do is screw up someone’s life…if they choose to listen to you…

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Good thing you didn’t listen.

““Don’t waste your time pursuing her; it’s not going to go anywhere”

She’s my wife of nearly three years now.”

2. You really missed out.

“My mother telling me not to eat pizza for my entire life because I was allergic to cheese.

I didn’t eat my first pizza until I was 20 after receiving my allergy test results which showed I wasn’t allergic to cheese.”

3. Everyone’s an expert.

“Literally every single thing anyone said when I told them about my divorce and having to sell the house.

Don’t share this kind of stuff with your friends, they’ll make it 1000x worse with their endless bulls**t advice in an attempt to “help”.”

4. Hmmm…

“”If you want to get over someone, get under somebody else.”

Seriously, it takes time to move on.”

5. Thanks, Mom.

“My mom after I got a degree in Aerospace Engineering in the 70’s. “Get a real job as a secretary.”

Thanks mom.

In other news after I got my PhD in engineering my Dad told me that my brother couldn’t get a job as a carpenter because I took the place of a male University Professor and something, something…..”

6. Times are tough.

“If you just do your best, go to study and college you’ll end up having a good paying job and a house and a family.”

7. Nice work!

“My shi**y high school counselor freshman year: “I think you would be a great auto mechanic and should focus on that.”

This was pretty in-line with the advice she gave low-income students, typically steering them away from honors/AP courses. The preppy kids were all on the college track.

Took some work with the help of good teachers but I ended up going to Stanford.”

8. Do what makes you happy.

““You have to do more, you’re not progressing fast enough.”

I’m happy with the position/lifestyle I have, and with the progress I’m making. I – AM – HAPPY!

Some people don’t want to hear that you’re happy. Some people only believe you’re happy when you’re on their level or when you’re at the top.

And… for some people you’re never good enough and will never do enough.

Listen to what makes YOU happy and cut out the toxic people as much as possible folks!”

9. Oh, boy…

“”If a girl isn’t interested in you, just keep trying. Wait outside her house at day and follow her when she goes out.”

My dad told me to become a stalker.”

10. That’s scary.

““Why are you skipping a day of work? Just take an early return flight and come into work late.”

This would have meant taking American Airlines Flight 11 on September 11th, 2001 departing Boston and arriving into North Tower of the World Trade Center some 40 or so minutes later.”

11. That stuff is dangerous.

“My old manager after I complained (to nobody in particular) that I was tired: “you need to make Red Bull your best friend.”

Yeah, I’m not gonna take health advice from someone whose body shape is bowling ball.”

12. Yes!

“I’ve had multiple patients advise me not to get the COVID vaccine because [insert any number of various conspiracy theories].

I always try to explain why vaccination is a good idea if I think they will be receptive to hearing it, but usually I just tell them I already got vaccinated last December and move on.

Please people, get vaccinated. Unless you have some kind of medical reason not to get the vaccine, please get it. It’s the only way this is going to get better.”

13. Showed them.

“My mom right after the 2008 housing market crash, when houses were cheap: “Don’t buy that house, its too ugly. You are only 21. Do you know how much it costs to own a house?”

Fast forward many years and many houses later: “You have a lot of money from those houses, can you help us out, son?””

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