It really sucks to learn something the hard way…but we all gotta go through it at some point.

The trick is to try to not learn EVERYTHING in life the hard way.

So good luck with that…

Folks took to AskReddit and admitted the things they’ve learned the hard way in life.

Let’s take a look!

1. Not worth it.

“Don’t stay in a relationship you know has no chance of working for three years.

And then don’t do that same thing again for six years.”

2. Ouch.

“Don’t use power tools when you’re tired. Like, say, a power miter box.

A guy I know who cut off his left arm halfway between wrist and elbow, a perfect 45 degree cut.

Was back in the olden days before magical reattachment was a possibility.”

3. Moderation.

“Don’t drink every night not expecting to develop a problem.

This checks out. Dealing with that struggle myself now.”

4. Don’t do it.

“Do not say ANYTHING at work unless you do not mind EVERYONE at work hearing about.

Got burned so many times trusting people only to find out that they were like a screen door on a submarine.”

5. Take care of yourself.

“Back injuries are for life.

Joint injuries as well such as knees, elbows, ankles. These things never really heal.

They just hurt slightly less.”

6. Very true.

“You can’t place all your needs in one person. Romantic or platonic.

Think of it like pages in a scrapbook. If you fill all the pages with that one person, and those pages get ripped out, all you’re left with is an empty scrapbook.

You have to have a variety of things in your scrapbook. So that if a page does get ripped out, it’s full of other memories as well.”

7. Always keep your eyes open.

“Pay attention even in your own house.

I was walking down the stairs reading something on my phone and didn’t see all the water on the tile at the bottom (washing machine overflowed).

Slipped as soon as I stepped down and fell hard on the stairs resulting in a broken wrist and three fractures in my back and it’s going to take a month at least to heal.”

8. Worth a shot.

“If you want to talk to someone, do it.

Either of you can be gone any second.

Don’t live with that regret.”

9. Good point.

“Never base decisions on promises of money to come later on down the line.

Wait until the money is reflected in your account first. Never rush it.”

10. Make it part of your routine.

“Always take your medication.

How hard is it to take a f**king pill?

I didn’t take mine and went on a long and convoluted journey to having my foot amputated.”

11. Choose wisely.

“When you’re a young adult, be careful who you choose as friends and who you associate with.

Some people are highly toxic and only bring you down.”

12. Always.


“It” can mean anything; pay for a job, housing lease expectations, utility payment expectations, job description, etc.

Having hard proof of something whenever doubt crops up is your friend

I learned this the hard way in 2019.”

13. Doesn’t work that way.

“You can’t make someone change.

They have to figure it out and decide to change all on their own. True, lasting change does not happen until the person is ready, and you will most likely not see it unless a drastic event pushes them to make the choice themselves.

Learned this the hard way, through relationships, friendships, family, and myself.”

How about you?

Are there some things in life that you learned the hard way?

If so, talk to us in the comments. Thanks!