Here’s a question for you: how many times a week do you get scam phone calls?

It’s so annoying, right?!?!

I swear, if I get one more call about my non-existent car warranty, I’m gonna lose it.

But maybe we can have some fun with these folks…

AskReddit users talked about what they like to say to phone scammers instead of hanging up on them.

Let’s take a look!

1. It worked!

“I once repeated “uh huh, go on..” over and over until they got really irritated and then just hung up on me.”

2. Love it.

“”I’m calling about an accident you were involved in that wasn’t your fault”

“Oh it wasn’t an accident, I meant to hurt those people.”

The pause you get before being immediately escalated to a ‘manager’ is like crack to me.”

3. Giving them the business!

“Hi there, and thanks for calling Cardiff Aquarium.

Please be aware your call may be recorded for training porpoises.”

4. Scared them.

“I once saw caller ID (land line days) with a number that I figured was a telemarketer.

In a “tough” voice, without saying hello I asked, “Is he d**d?” And about a beat and a half later I said, “Because if he ain’t d**d, don’t you even think about coming back here.”

Then what sounded like a young woman on the other end said, “Um, uh, uh Bye!” Hope she had as much fun telling her friends as I had telling mine.”

5. Sorry, Mom.

“I asked, “does your mother know that you steal for a living?”

He responded, “yes”.”

6. Rick Rolled.

“We have a Rick Roll extension.

We forward them to it after telling them about the brief hold and then check the recording length the next day to see if they’ve beaten the record.”

7. How dare you!

“Recently I’m getting a lot of “we’re calling in regards to your recent car accident”

I relied with “how dare you! I d**d in that accident!””

8. That’ll do it.

“”Hi, We have been trying to reach you about your car’s warranty”

“That’s great, what plans can you offer me on my 1997 Geo Metro? I’ve only been in 6 wrecks.”

They usually just give up.”

9. I have a deal for you.

“I sometimes try to sell them stuff.

I once spent 45 minutes on a slow day at work trying to sell a 120 kg vibrator to some dude.”

10. Good plan.

“If they are calling about windows and doors, I tell them I live in a tent. “You are calling a tent, did you know this?”

If they call about HVAC, I tell them I live in a castle, and we heat it in the wintertime by burning witches.”

11. Dummy.

“I pretend to be the dumbest guy in the world.

Them – “You should update your homes security”

Me – “Like how?”

Them – “A camera on the front door is a good st..”

Me (interrupts) – “Front door? My front door is on the side of my house. How will that work? Do you have a side door camera?”

Them – “Yes sir of course. We have many dif…”

Me (interrupts again) – “PHEW! I have looked so long for a side front door camera salesman. You sir, are my savior. Are you married?””

12. Let’s start over.

“I give them a phone number one digit at a time and ask them to repeat it as a whole after each one.

Then tell them they got it wrong when I’m done and start over.”

13. It’ll cost you.

“”Just to let you know, by law I’m required to inform you that this is a premium phone line that will be billed directly to your provider. By calling here you agree to accept all charges.”

Something like that not only gets them to hang up, but they tend to stop calling me after that.”

Do you ever have a good time with phone scammers?

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