There’s always some “Next Big Thing” getting hyped up.

Maybe it’s a band, a movie star, some new clothing designer, etc.

But it those things that are right around the corner don’t always work out, now do they?

What was supposed to be the “Next Big Thing” but totally flopped?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Johnny Football.

“Johnny Manziel.

I remember when he signed with CFL and everyone thought he was gonna absolutely dominate.”

2. Flopped.

“Google Wave.

It was supposed to replace email with a more collaborative approach. Essentially it was like a dynamically-created discussion board you’d share with select people and you could have a more readable discussion than one with a bunch of forwards and CCs and the like.

I thought it was a good idea, but it flopped big time and Google got rid of it after a few years.”

3. Bad timing.

“That streaming service that lasted like two months. ‘Qubi’ or ‘Qupi’ I think?

Even bad timing aside (a mobile based streaming service at a time when no one could really leave their house) the marketing was just horrible.

I saw ads for it for nearly a week before I realized it was a new video streaming service, and by that point was so annoyed by the ads untrusting everything I didn’t care at all, just out of spite.

Also I mean it was just YouTube you have to pay for and got worse content.”

4. I want one!


I remember in a span of 3 months everyone had them and showed them off and then they just disappeared.”

5. Unwatchable.

“The Divergent Series.

It was supposed to kinda have a Hunger Games concept and all and try to be a replacement.

The last two movies ended up being so unwatchable.”

6. Nerd alert!

“Segways were supposed to revolutionize travel and replace the automobile.

Now they’re just used for guided tours for dorks in tourist traps.”

7. Didn’t work out.

“Airship travel.

These were the next, awesome way to travel long distances; in fact the spire on top of the Empire State Building was meant as an anchoring point for airships.

The Hindenburg kind of put a damper on it, though.”

8. Another Google product.

“Google Glass.

I heard one of the biggest issues was that it was too heavy and felt uncomfortable, but they literally couldn’t make it any lighter.”

9. Whoa.

“Hydrogen cars were a promising new form of motorized vehicle. They were supposed to be incredibly good for the environment, emitting only water as the exhaust.

They exist, but not like how some people imagined. I was a pretty big hydrogen car believer at the time. There are some hydrogen stations, but mostly centered around California. Thing is that the hydrogen is quite expensive and not very efficient compared to smaller engines, hybrids, and EV’s. The hydrogen is also somewhat inefficient to produce, store, and distribute as well.

You can actually get a hydrogen car though, they’re out there. The Toyota Mirai is a really good example. Out of all hydrogen cars, that one is definitely most popular. In fact, Toyota pays for $15,000 worth of hydrogen in your first few years of ownership since it’s so expensive.

This means that for your first 3-ish years of owning one, you might not have to pay a penny in fuel. As you can see I’m still a hydrogen advocate. Don’t expect to be able to take it very far from your nearest hydrogen station though.”

10. Never heard of it.

“The US version of Coupling.

It was peddled hard by NBC to be the next “Friends” when that show ended. IIRC, there was interviews with the cast and they were already musing about the show going into multiple seasons. There was big buzz since it was such a hit in the UK.

It lasted four episodes.

11. Hmmm…


A classic case of something that was a good idea and actually at the right time, but was made to flop by being run into the ground by an unbalanced leader who was right about the ideas being timely and useful, but completely overselling it and taking a bunch of salivating venture capitalists down a primrose path.

It also didn’t help that so much of it was really a sham and almost a Ponzi scheme. It’s not always about being the wrong idea or even the right idea at the wrong time, sometimes it’s just lead by the wrong person.”

12. Not a great year.

“2020 was going to be an ultimate year for partying (for Americans, at least).

4/20 technically the whole month.

Cinco de Mayo on Taco Tuesday.

Independence Day on a Saturday.

Halloween on a Saturday AND a full moon AND the end of Daylight Saving Time which meant one extra hour of Halloween partying.

Christmas on a Friday.

And finally, New Year’s Eve was on a Thursday which meant the next year would begin with a three-day weekend.

This great combination happens when a Leap Year begins on a Wednesday. The previous time it happened was 1992 and it’s not going to happen again until 2048.”

13. Thoughts on this one?

“High Frame Rate 3D.

Peter Jackson pushed so hard for it with the first Hobbit movie, saying it was going to revolutionize the movie experience.

Instead it made the CGI look like video game quality graphics and it made everyone look like they were moving too fast to be real.”

Do you remember any more “Next Big Things” that didn’t go anywhere?

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