Cats are the best. They’re like furry little roommates with an attitude problem who might also end up being the love of your life.

It’s complicated.

But what’s not complicated is that the internet loves cat pictures. So much so that this Facebook group, dedicated to “important” animal pictures, is largely and unsurprisingly flooded with kitties.

Let’s have a look at some of these highly valuable felines.

13. Hugs

Born on the mean streets, seeing each other through.

12. Happy birthday!

Hooray! The same thing I eat every single day! GIVE IT TO ME AT ONCE!

11. Show me some love

He looks genuinely psyched that this is happening. Like he’s been waiting for it for years but never thought it would actually come.

10. All tangled up

“Um. Excuse? Hooman? Little halp?”

9. The boss

Have a seat, let’s talk about your recent job performance.

8. Long boi

He reach for malk.

7. A class act

When the wine goggles really kick in.

6. Black and white

One day, all of this will be ours.

5. So droll

Wtf are these guys on?

4. I sits

This looks physically impossible, somehow.

3. Rosey red lips

Meet me in the garden.

2. The tub

You just mind your own business, this is mine now.

1. Not appealing

What is this? A joke?


There will just never be enough cats on the internet. Ever. One day the internet will be nothing but cats, and it will still be deemed insufficient. Just you watch.

Do you have a cat? What are they like?

Tell us all about them in the comments.