Are you ready for a HUGE mood boost?

We sure hope so…and we think these posts are so nice and wholesome that they’ll instantly do the trick.

Let’s be honest: 2020 was a very rough year for all of us and we’re all hoping to turn the page and get on the right track again. So let’s start small with some incredibly wholesome examples of nice things going on in the world.

Baby steps, people!

Enjoy these posts and have a great day!

1. Good for you!

We’re happy that you’re healthy!

Just finished my chemotherapy treatment and all that’s left is steroids and radiotherapy and then I’m cancer free
byu/123uno456 inMadeMeSmile

2. Let’s all take time to be kind to each other.

Be nice to people! It’s good for all of us!

3. This guy is doing good work.

And I wish I knew the backstory here…

4. Reunited and it feels so good.

I’m so happy they are both safe.

Colorado man reunited with his donkey, Ennis, after fire swept through his town.
byu/BarefootUnicorn inaww

5. This poor man. 

Filling in potholes in memory of his son.

6. Now this is what I call a happy ending.

A whole new life starts now!

Today is the day this little lady becomes my daughter. Happy adoption day!!!
byu/Sdoeden87 inMadeMeSmile

7. Teach those older folks how to use technology.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

After not seeing my grandparents for months, they finally figured out how “to work FaceTime.” This was my grandpa’s face when he saw me. 🥺
byu/bogar13 inMadeMeSmile

8. Went looking for a dog, found a cat.

I love this story!

Went to the shelter to look at dogs, they didn’t have any there but once this lil girl saw me she started pawing at her cage. Now I have a new forever friend 🙂
byu/bmoneyyy9 inaww

9. This is so pure and wholesome.

And the painting is pretty good, too.

My 93 year old dementia Patient painted my cat, I have no cat but I’m starting to fall in love with this one.
byu/corry26 inaww

10. Some people just need to see a sign.

Hopefully, this helped some people out that day.

I needed this
byu/Nemisis1000 inHumansBeingBros

11. This was a very good deed.

You are now an animal whisperer.

My cousin was fishing on the river this weekend and rescued this deer who was so tired he was starting to drown.
byu/One-Spelling-Error inHumansBeingBros

12. He’s looking good!

We’re glad you posted these pics!


13. Band-Aids for all skin tones.

A great idea!

Okay, now it’s your turn.

In the comments, please share some photos, memes, tweets, or jokes that you think will make us happy.

Thanks in advance!