My dog is my buddy, my baby, and my constant companion.

During the pandemic, she was one of my only companions, so it’s a good thing she loves me so much.

(So much. Like follows me to the bathroom, that’s how much she loves me.)

Seems like I’m not alone out there.

Dogs love people, and people have a lot of love for their pups.

Here are some of the most wholesome tweets that show just how much we love our furry friends.

1. A dog for your dog

And then a dog for your dog’s dog.
Where will it end? No one knows.

2. Norbie the Wonder Dog

Always be zoomin’.

3. Faerie Queen of the Fire Hydrant

Bow down before her fluffy butt and flower crown.

4. Don’t mess with Frank

Squirrel watcher extraordinaire. Mess with the window shade to see this dachshund’s shade.

5. Dogs are the very best judges of character

That’s why most Presidents keep one in the White House.

6. The Avengers know what’s up

They recognize a good boy when they see one.

7. No. Dogs. Allowed.


8. Remember the first time you met a dog?

Mine wasn’t this cute. It chased me and I ran away.


9. Doggo = kitten’s best friend

That dog definitely didn’t help. (But he didn’t stop them, either.)

10. “Are you impressed with my posture, friend?”

Why yes. Yes, I am.

11. Dogz make the best babysitters

Good boy.


12. Doggo album of the year right here

Look at those faces!

13. Their doctor bills cost more than ours do

But who cares? They’re worth it.

Dogs are truly the best. I need to go give mine some skritches.

Do you have a dog best friend? Share a picture in the comments!