Hey, teachers! A few questions for you…

Ever feel like you’ve already been back to school for an ETERNITY?

Are the kids driving you insane?

Need a relief?

If the answer to all three is YES…Β the good news is that you’re not alone.

These teachers are all feeling the pain too, so take a look at these hilarious tweets and find some solidarity with your fellow educators.

1. They’re not happy at all.

Especially the formal ones.

2. Do your own thing.

Plank reading is still reading!

3. Not too far off…

She’s your second mom, honestly.

4. A timeless classic.

This kid nailed it to the wall.

5. Think they can handle it?

Probably not, but let’s give it a shot!


6. Might as well get it over with.

All those sub plans. ARGGGHHHH!!!

7. Eternal darkness.

I hate daylight “savings” time.

8. Don’t overthink it.

Just roll with it. Hurts less.

9. Now, where are the wine stains?

Or the vodka stains? Just kidding, vodka leaves no stains.


10. Don’t eat the paper!

It’s not that it’s bad for you, it’s just dumb.

11. Kids are kinda gross.

Hold on… this just in… kids are disgusting? Sorry, kids are disgusting.

12. Bless this mess.

Because it’s MY mess. Wheeeee!

13. Where to start with this one?

There are so many emotions right now.

14. Time to get energized.

Is it a good sign if your eyes won’t stop twitching?


Oh, teachers…we know it’s been a long week.

To help us all get through it, share some of your ridiculous teaching tales in the comments!

Thanks all!