If you don’t perform all the duties expected of you when you housesit, I don’t think you deserve to get paid…

Or at least you shouldn’t be paid the full amount.

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AITA for refusing to pay my sister for house sitting after she failed to feed my birds?

“I’m (25M) really upset about what she did.

I needed to fly out from California to Washington because my dad had surgery from an accident and I wanted to be there to help out my stepmom with him for a few days. I was gone for a week and asked my sister if she could come over once a day to water my plants, check my mail.

I also have (or had) 2 blue parakeets that I love. Male and female. The female was ready to lay her eggs so I already had a nest for them in their cage. Before my trip she was already sitting on her eggs in the nest and I told my sister to ALWAYS make sure to clean their cup of bird food and add more in everyday and keep their water clean.

This was explained to her twice because I wanted to make sure the birds and the eggs would be okay. The male would be bringing food for the female to eat while she’s sitting on the eggs so that’s why I wanted to be sure she would follow what I said. Also clean out the tray in their cage.

Everyday since leaving I asked her did the birds have food, was their water clean, etc. She told me yes, every time so nothing to worry about. Finally got back last night. First thing was to check on my birds. Yeah the cage was clean and their water was too but guess what, all that was in their food cup was trash from the seeds they already ate. The mother bird was….you know. And obviously the eggs didn’t survive either. The only one that was still alive was the male but he looked so sad.

First thing I noticed was that he was right on top of the nest box looking inside. Can’t tell you how much I was crying taking them out. She had 6 eggs and she d**d still trying to incubate their babies.

My sister claimed their cup was always full so she assumed she didn’t need to put more food in. Despite telling her to refill their cup with MORE food. Because they had nothing. She keeps saying it was an honest mistake and she didn’t mean for them to d**.

And now I’m refusing to pay her the $200 I promised to drive here everyday because she didn’t follow everything instructed. She did everything else except this one thing so it’s not fair to refuse paying her. Calling me petty and sh**ty brother after doing me a favor for taking the time out of her days now only to not give her money she needs.

I’m still really sad/angry about my birds so that’s why I feel like she doesn’t deserve anything for being the one responsible. But maybe I am? Or who knows.


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