I sure do love cats

Listen, I really love dogs (maybe even more than cats), but it’s hard to deny that cats are weird, hilarious, and every single one of them has a lot of spunk and personality.

And one thing is for certain: they do what they want when they want, and they’re not about to listen to what any dumb human has to say about anything…but we love them anyway!

Enjoy these great cat tweets and give your little buddy a pat on the head for us!

1. Wow! Can’t unsee this one.

You gotta stay warm out there!

2. They are pretty smart.

Especially this guy!

3. Are you getting a little bit chunky?

Might be time to hit the gym.

4. You stumbled upon something nefarious.

And you should probably mind your own business.

5. You really need to lose some weight, buddy.

Let’s consult the chart…

6. Who the hell are you?

And what are you doing in my house?


7. You did the right thing.

You had to get this photo!

8. Oh, Chips! You’re a star!

I love this!


9. This is amazing.

He’d follow you anywhere.

10. Say goodbye to it.

Where do you think she took it?

11. It’s labelled and everything!

This is very smart.


12. Of course, your cat did this.

Can you move, please? Please?!?!


13. This cat is incredible.

I’m already in love with him.

14. Let’s have a talk with the cats.

You do this too, don’t you?

Now we want to hear from you.

And, more importantly, we want to meet your kitties!

In the comments, please share a photo of your feline friend and introduce us to them. Thanks!