In this crazy world we live in, we can use all the life hacks and help we can get.

And we’re here today to provide you with some hacks that should make your life a whole lot easier and more convenient. And who doesn’t want that, right?!?!

So take a few minutes to yourself and learn about these seemingly little things that really do go a long way.

Let’s take a look!

1. More natural light, please.

This is very cool.

I wanted natural light in a basement that has no windows. Paid $10 for two old windows. Painted them, frosted the glass, installed them into my wall with 12” LED flat panel lights behind them. Now it’s always 2pm at the basement bar. from lifehacks

2. A happy accident, as we like to say.

Hey, look at that!

My dad’s t got splattered with bleach, he decided to fix w/ more. I found it adorable. from pics

3. No more rummaging around in drawers.

Saves a lot of time, I bet.

My grandpa uses the actual hardware for labeling the drawers from mildlyinteresting

4. Remember this next time you need to cancel cable.

It’ll work every time!

The only time you’re allowed to break up with cable from facepalm

5. A lot of dog owners might want to use this.

I’m super into this idea.

My Dog Rolo has always been a messy drinker, my girlfriend turned his water bowl into a moss garden to keep the place tidy from pics

6. Hahaha. Awesome move on his part!

The man is a genius.

7. No more looking at the fine print on those things.

Just pop them right in.

Changed the one ear phone rubber to black. Black is right, white left, to quickly see which is which. from lifehacks


It doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

‪Dog-sitting our in-laws’ boston terrier. He’s so small he can sneak through the fence when he goes outside, so he must wear the escape-proof wiener bun of shame at potty time. ‬ from aww

9. This could really come in handy.

Those journals are super expensive.

10. A nice place to take a rest.

Are you comfortable in there, little buddy?

This gentleman at Target who reversed his hooded sweatshirt to make a puppy pocket from aww

11. That was a nice deed.

From a total stranger. Thank you!

Friend’s sister lost her car key while jogging, someone else made sure she found it. from HumansBeingBros

12. Now this is useful.

Never lose any pieces ever again.

Putting together furniture? Use some of its styrofoam packaging for keeping small parts from disappearing! from lifehacks

13. Grandpa for the win!

Just don’t let the priest find out about this…or you might be in trouble.

14. Okay, I’m sold on this one.

Jump on in!

Crazy sore muscles but no bath tub? Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. from funny

How about you?

Do you have any awesome life hacks that we should use in our lives?

Please share them with us in the comments. Thanks!