Full disclosure: I was kind of a dumbass in high school…but weren’t all of us, for the most part?

And when you act like a dumbass, you get in trouble for stupid stuff. But a lot of these kids got in trouble for stuff that wasn’t really their fault or when they really weren’t doing anything wrong…

It’s just the way the world works, people.

What’s the stupidest reason you got in trouble in school?

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say…

1. Not cool at all.

“For using my asthma medication in class. I was told to keep my inhaler in the office, and to use it in there only. I was told it was ‘distracting.’

Know what else is distracting? The sounds of someone gasping for air and having to be removed from class.”

2. In grad school?!?!

“Grad school.

As in, full grown adult. One of my patients was a chill guy. We had one of those relaxed relationships. He would fist bump me after treatment was completed. The dean of academic affairs did not like that.

Got a 45 minute lecture on doctor patient relationship and how dare I violate that trust with a fist bump.”

3. Off to detention you go.

“For saying my school picture sucked. I had no idea “sucked” was considered a bad word until I was put in detention for it.”

4. It wasn’t me.

“Someone once poked a wasp nest in the school forest, and the whole swarm came out upon the school. The entire school sat detention for an hour. Understandable if you don’t know who did it, but that’s not the problem.

We were sitting detention because the principal’s son got stung. As it eventually turned out, it was actually his fault the swarm came down on us.

I have cursed his name since the day I found out.”

5. Inappropriate!

“I got in trouble for hugging a male friend in the hallway in middle school. We saw each other in the hall and was like “hey!” quick hug (it was like 1 second) in front of a teacher’s door, which was open.

She calls us into her class to yell at us in front of her class. She said hugging between boys and girls is inappropriate. I asked if it’d be inappropriate if I was hugging a girl and she said no.

Then I asked if it’d be inappropriate if I was a lesbian, she yelled at me again.”

6. That’s a little harsh.

“I checked out a book on African tribes from the library in the fourth grade.

I told the teacher about how the book had topless women in it thinking I was helping, she confiscated the book and had me suspended from school.”

7. Blame it on the band.

“In 1993 the Flaming Lips Song “She Don’t Use Jelly” came out. I was in third grade and I really liked that song. And started signing it with my friends during a double handed jump roping session.

“She don’t use jeeeelllly orrrr any of theeeseee… she uses Vaaassssseeline”. Boom. Written up. 3 day Suspension for saying sexually suggestive things. I had NO idea that was meant sexually.

Worse even, no one would explain why that song was sexually suggestive. It was very confusing.”

8. All that for nothing.

“I got in trouble for “cheating” on one of my math exams. The teacher found a piece of paper in my pencil case. I got sent to the principal’s office.

When the principal asked me about what I wanted to say in my defense, I simply told him to take a look at the note. It turned out to be a shopping list. I was alowed to re-take the exam the following week.”

9. Still not over it.

“I tripped on a loose tile and bumped into a teacher causing her to spill her coffee on herself. I apologized and showed her the tile.

She went on for months about how I did it on purpose. Even got the principal and my folks involved. For the rest of the year she told me I couldn’t come back to her class unless I apologized for doing it on purpose.

Never went back to her class. Though I initially apologized for the incident, I never once apologized for doing it “on purpose”. Fuck you Ms. Helm.”

10. The dark side.

“I once got in trouble for reading Stephen King. They were like “you’re reading dark books it’s the reason your behavior is bad””

11. Not your fault.

“For “fighting.”

The school asshole sucker punched me and I didn’t retaliate. It was even caught on tape. The zero tolerance policy is one of the stupidest things ever.”

12. Dismissed!

“In middle school, the bell to send us home didn’t go off on time. We were all standing by the door waiting to leave when all the other classrooms started leaving to go home.

The hallways were filled and teachers were telling people goodbye, so my classroom started to leave too.

I was one of the first ones out but apparently our teacher caught the end half of the class and made them sit down and tell them everyone who walked out the door because “I dismiss you, not the bell.”

So all of us who left like the rest of the school got detention.”

13. Get your facts straight.

“I was sent to the principal in sixth grade for arguing with my teacher when she insisted that Hitler was a communist.

The principal literally did a facepalm, but then pulled himself together and lectured me on being more respectful.”

14. Not bullying…

“In seventh grade English class, a classmate looked pretty sad so I asked her how she was doing. No malicious intent, just wondering what was making her so upset but she started sobbing. I apologized and moved on.

Later that day, I get pulled from a different class by a math teacher that I’ve never met before who yelled at me in the hallway making snide remarks about my parents and their parenting capacity.

She made me sit in front of the principal’s office to “wait for the principal to talk to me” for four hours, long after the school day has ended.

When the principal finally did show up, he had no idea why I was sitting there. Middle school me was too shy to make a fuss about it but in hindsight I should’ve made a complaint against her. To this day, the girl that I supposedly “bullied” has no idea why the math teacher flipped out at me.”

Ahhhhh, the memories…

Good times, right?

Now let’s hear your story.

In the comments, share the absolute dumbest thing you ever did that caused you to get into trouble at school. Let’s see what you got!