The world is a bit of a s**tshow lately.

Actually, maybe the last twenty years or so, but who’s counting…?

But today we’re gonna pivot in another direction and focus on some great stuff happening around the globe.

Does that sound good, or what?

What are some positive things happening in the world right now?

Here’s what people said on AskReddit.

1. Peace of mind.

“The COVID vaccine.

Its proliferation is helping to bring some semblance of normalcy back, and giving a lot of people a peace of mind that’s been lacking lately.”

2. Love it.

“Florida politicians unanimously voted to spend $300 million on conservation efforts to protect the watershed and Florida panther habitat.”

3. Less and less.

“The percentage of the world living in extreme poverty in 1980 was about 40%.

Today it is around 10%.”

4. Fair market?

“There are new regulations being passed that give retail investors hope for a market that is truly fair, and free of manipulation.

That, and we are about to witness the largest transfer of wealth in history, because anyone holding GME is about to become very wealthy once hedge funds begin buying back the mass of fraudulent shares they created.”

5. Crazy stuff.

“CRSPR gene editing is accomplishing crazy things right now. It’s likely going to revolutionize the field of biology and any related field such as medicine.

They’ve genetically edited blindness out of mice, and two children in China were made immune to AIDS transmission from their parents before they were born. The possibilities are endless.”

6. Awesome!

“The Mars rover successfully extracted oxygen from carbon dioxide on the surface of Mars!”

7. Into the sky.

“SpaceX started launching astronauts to the space station from American soil for the first time in 8 years.

To the point we’re already looking at the 3rd mission and the 4th is completely comprised of private individuals instead of astronauts. This all happened in literally one year, almost to the day.

The future of space exploration, industry, and recreation is becoming its own reality.”

8. Wonderful!

“In March, El Savador became the first Central American country to be declared malaria free.”

9. Going green.

“We now realize how utterly devastating plastic waste is to our environment and all creatures.

Thanks to people like Greta Thunberg climate change has become a real emergency issue that must be tackled now by all governments because as the earth warms the impacts from it will be catastrophic.”

10. The right thing.

“The German supreme court sacked the unspecific law against climate change that the gouvernment proposed.

They now have to add specific dates and numbers as to when they want to reduce what amount of Co2.”

11. Great idea.

“The Smokey Mountains National Park is having vehicle free days on some of their more popular roads like the Cades Cove Loop.”

12. Quality entertainment.

“There are some pretty epic movies and TV shows coming out soon.

Most notably are movies like Black Widow and sequels to popular TV shows like Brooklyn Nine Nine and The Umbrella Academy.

Pretty exciting.”

13. Marine life.

“The Flower Garden Banks Marine Sanctuary in the Gulf of Mexico was expanded earlier this year!

It now covers 17 coral reefs off the Texas/Louisiana coast.”

14. All good things.

“War/conflict are at an all time low.

People in general are healthier than they have been at any point in history.

A higher percentage of the population are out of poverty than ever before.”

Do you know about some positive things happening in the world right now?

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