In theory, a lot of us probably think we’d do a perfectly fine job grooming our own pets.

How hard can it be, right?

Well, things aren’t always as they appear, as you can probably imagine. In fact, it’s MUCH harder than it looks.

All these people tried to give their pets haircuts and they learned the hard way that maybe they aren’t cut out for careers as pet groomers.

Let’s see what kind of damage they did…

1. They desperately need help.

Is that even a dog?

2. You gave it your best shot.

Now, give me back my beer.

Groomer closed due to Covid19. Wife told me to trim the dog. Hold my beer. from aww

3. He looks incredibly annoyed.

What did you do to him?

4. I would sleep with one eye open tonight.

He’s planning sweet, sweet revenge.

5. It’ll grow back…eventually.

He doesn’t seem to mind, though…

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Miss that fluffy boy. I want his fur back!

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6. This is not good…not good at all…

Doesn’t get much worse than this.

7. A total disaster.

You better beg for forgiveness.

8. Frankly, that is hard to look at.

But we all got a laugh out of it.

9. Two more bad examples.

The second dog looks REALLY annoyed.

10. The look of distrust.

What have you DONE?

11. Doesn’t even look like the same dog.

What did you do to your pooch?

Covid19 haircut. Mistakes were made… from aww

12. And he’s howling about it!

He can’t even deal with it right now.

My dog got a haircut.. from lookatmydog

13. You definitely deserve better.

Poor Maggie May…

It was so long she couldn’t see, so I tried my best but poor Maggie May deserved better! ✂️ ? from Yorkies

14. Looks like this dog is wearing a cheap fur coat.

And he seems a bit perplexed by the whole thing…

First time Quarantine groomer here! How’d I do? ? from poodles

Yowza…those were…not good.

In fact, we can probably just say they were straight-up FAILS.

But they sure entertained us!

Have you ever tried to groom your furry best friend and it didn’t go so well?

If so, please share a pic or a story with us in the comments!