Every time I watch one of those home renovation shows, the kitchen is always the centerpiece of the home. It’s where they focus their energy, their high-end design, and is typically also where they spend the majority of their budget.

These 14 kitchen designers pretty much did the opposite, though, by the looks of things – because these kitchens are anything but functional.

14. You may as well not even have a dishwasher.

I guess that’s the boyfriend’s job now.

The dishwasher in my girlfriend’s apartment. It’s impossible to fill it.
byu/buddhamunche inCrappyDesign

13. It’s just a box for the fridge.

Like they forgot until the last minute they would need a spot for one.

by inCrappyDesign

12. Who in the WORLD thought this was a good idea?

They probably thought it was some kind of fancy choice or something.

Kitchen by a sofa-maker
byu/sacrecoeur1206 inCrappyDesign

11. There’s no exit door.

It’s just a metaphor for life.

I love for the food I’m preparing to get flung across the kitchen when someone gets home
byu/squashetti inCrappyDesign

10. Is this in the UK?

I know their kitchens can be dual purpose there.

Shower while cooking
byu/TheSANEG inCrappyDesign

9. How is that even supposed to function?

I have no idea how a regular-sized person even gets in there.

Modern living condo for sale. 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1/4 kitchen
byu/SlaughterheartMagus inCrappyDesign

8. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at work all the time?

I know I do. /s

This office kitchen.
byu/ZugNachPankow inCrappyDesign

7. One of those things you might not anticipate.

But a professional builder and/or designer definitely should have.

They didn’t think through when designing my kitchen.
byu/DiceELITE inCrappyDesign

6. An actual nightmare.

They just fall off the walls…with all of your stuff in them.

Kitchen cabinets decided to yeet themselves at 4 in the morning
byu/weeJwontC10 inWellthatsucks

5. An accident waiting to happen.

Or maybe a lawsuit.

Hair-trigger disposal switch at waist level. I didn’t need that hand anyway.
byu/Formidable_Faux inCrappyDesign

4. That seems like an accident waiting to happen.

The kind that requires an insurance claim.

Outdoor kitchen.
byu/Browndog888 intrashy

3. Carpet in a kitchen.

There’s no way anyone in the history of ever thought this was a good idea.

I saw the carpeted bathroom and would like to share this lovely kitchen carpet.
byu/ImJedi420 inCrappyDesign

2. That’s…the opposite of helpful.

Like it was some kind of afterthought.

Behold… the light switch in my kitchen
byu/travislow5 inCrappyDesign

1. I feel like this is some kind of joke.

But I guess it’s not very funny.

$1 million San Francisco loft has diagonal support beam that cuts through the middle of the kitchen
byu/DewayneJones inCrappyDesign

I would want my money back, but in theory they must have approved these designs along the way? Woof.

Make sure you start watching more HGTV so this doesn’t happen to you. Protip.