I’m very thankful that we live in a world where people catch every slip-up known to man and then upload those mistakes to the Internet.

It just makes life a little more enjoyable, doesn’t it?

You bet it does! And here are 14 stellar examples.

1. I don’t think I want to try that.

Receipt Typo… hopefully
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2. I’m sure he did.

3. Sex clams are no good.


4. Thrust in Jesus.

Typo in the church bulletin this morning. Sweet sweet Jesus.
byu/ArUsuallyMyLastName infunny

5. You know what, good for him!


6. Wow. This is really something.


7. What a deal!

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8. Oh God, no…

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9. Someone got fired.


10. Read the peeface first.

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11. Hahahaha. Amazing.

12. That’s too bad.

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13. C’mon editors…

14. Actually, not really…

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Those are so funny, I think I’m gonna go back and read through them again…

But… we want to know what are YOUR faves?

Post those comments, fam!