Do you know what I do when I’m in a particularly bad or depressed mood?

I whip out my phone and I look at pictures, memes, and tweets of dogs! It immediately puts me in a good mood literally every single time.

So, here we are…and these tweets are so wholesome and pure that they’re going to make all of us happier.

Let’s take a look!

1. New best friend.

The shelter was clearing out for COVID-19 and I needed a social distancing buddy. Meet my new foster Vader!
byu/camehereforthedogs inaww

2. How is this even real?

3. I love this!


4. Oh, Meeko!

5. Doing good work, Sarge.

6. No space given.

My coworker at home isn’t adhering to social distancing techniques. Please advise.
byu/tly0225 inaww

7. Boing boing!

8. Attached at the hip.

9. Wow! That’s cool!

10. I’m in love…

11. Enjoying the storm.


12. You forgot my fries.


13. They’re talking to you!

14. I want a coworker like this!


I feel a whole lot better than I did a few minutes ago!

Can you make us feel EVEN BETTER, please?

In the comments, share some pics and stories about your lovable pooches!

We’d love to meet them!