Some folks (especially women) get very self-conscious when they start to go gray. That kind of baffles my mind because I think the ladies look great when they start to go silver. Looking “distinguished” isn’t only for the guys anymore.

The ladies in these photos decided to ditch dyeing their locks and to go natural. And they look amazing!

Seriously… why don’t more women do this? It’s like they’re turning into fire matriarchs that know so many things you just want to talk to them for hours upon hours!

Maybe they’ll inspire you to do the same?

Without further ado… let’s check out these silver foxes!

1. “Embracing the aging process.”

With style and grace!

2. “My unicorn hair.”

You rocking it!

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“I can remember being in 7th grade during a school “break” in the courtyard and my best friend grasping at the top of my head and exclaiming, “You have a gray hair!” She affectionately termed this my unicorn hair, and we watched as the year went on and more and more unicorn hair appeared on my head. By the time I was 16, I had more unicorn hair than I could pull out or hide by changing my part, and I began coloring it on a monthly basis. This continued for six years until some time in 2015 when I began thinking, what if I just let it go, quit spending so much money and time on covering my gray, and just LET IT GO. Honestly, I was pretty hesitant, but one evening when my boyfriend and his sweet family heard I was contemplating going gray, they encouraged me whole heartedly, giving me that boost of confidence I was lacking. Now, I wish I had never even began dying my hair in the first place! Here I am today, at 27 years old, and I’ve sported a full head of gray hair for going on four years! The growing out stage was awkward of course. I even interviewed at my current firm with half gray, half brown hair thinking, “Please don’t let them think I’m crazy.” I can’t count how many people stop me on a DAILY basis to talk about my hair – it is the ultimate icebreaker. I’ve turned so many strangers into friends – young/old, male/female…, you name it. My heart feels so full when someone tells me I’ve inspired them to embrace their natural beauty as well – whatever it may be! So, what I’d like to say to you is, don’t hide your natural beauty, whatever it may be – embrace it! You’ll soon thank yourself.” @marina.l.defoor #grombre #gogrombre

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3. She looks incredible.

So much detail!

4. “Gray is a color, not an age definition.”

I love it!

5. “Those who are lucky enough get white hair.”

Is this a super villain? I’m in.

6. Looking very fashionable.

Braids for days!

7. She was excited about it.

She should be!

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“I was so excited when I found my first gray at eleven; family history had it that my great-great-grandfather had white hair at 30 and he was a man of myth and legend in my young life. In high school I had white streaks in my hair, earning the nickname “Rogue”. In my late twenties the story changed; I was poised to become a bride and didn’t want my salt and pepper hair overshadowing me. I dyed it dark brown and gained a lot of compliments on how much “younger” I looked. One divorce and a career change later I realized it wasn’t my hair color that was aging me. At 36 my silver is shining again and I’ve been rewarded with hair that looks like ME and all the superpowers that go with it.” @melissa.gartman #grombre #gogrombre

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8. Confidence is key.

And she’s got it!

9. “8 months of transition.”

Love those afro puffs!

10. The amazing results.

Short and sweet!

11. Inherited it from her father.

Oh, I like that streak!

12. She couldn’t be happier.

Love it!

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“It’s been over a year and a half since I last dyed my hair and I couldn’t be happier with that decision! Leaving the stress, mess and frustration of the relentless dyeing cycle behind has been incredibly freeing. I love my hair. I have watched in fascination as the silver slowly weaves through the dark. But the process has been about so much more than hair. It’s been about accepting this change – about accepting myself. It’s been about connecting with amazing and supportive people who are walking a similar path. And it’s been about encouraging others to see, even if it’s not the right one for you, it’s a path worth taking.” @baskinthegray #grombre #gogrombre

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13. Started going gray at 19.

Damn! Gorgeous!

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“I started going gray at 19 but always colored my hair- especially when I was cosmetology school and working as a hairstylist for 6 years. I’ve had every hair color in the book. I used to give my mother (who is naturally a striking white/ silver, and has never colored her hair) a hard time about her natural silver. As a hairstylist, I found myself loving and drooling over naturally silver hair. Eventually I started encouraging and helping my clients grow out their natural silver. I started noticing how people looked at my mom and her striking white hair when she walked into a room. People constantly told me my mom is so beautiful. I decided I wanted to grow mine out, too. I get more compliments about my natural silver hair now than I ever did when I abused it with harsh chemicals and I’m excited to be part of a sisterhood and movement that’s au naturale!!” @amyfrances #grombre #gogrombre

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14. Embracing the wildness.

Pure fire.

15. Fabulous and confident.

Yas girl!

Gray hair, don’t care. I think it looks great!

Ladies (and gents), you don’t need to spend all that time and money dyeing your hair. You look amazing just the way you are.

Do you have a pic of yourself looking fabulous in gray that you’d like to share? Do you have ALL the feelings about people going silver because that’s just how nature intended you to be?

Let’s see them in the comments!