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If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of good doggos!

And these tweets about good boys and girls all went viral this year for good reason. Because they’re funny and adorable!

Let’s dive in, shall we?


1. Do I smell a snack?

2. Jump around!

3. I’m here to help.

4. Just playing along.

5. Bane (The Dog Version).

6. Wait a second…

7. True love, right there.

8. Not happy. At all.

9. Is that even a real dog?

10. Now I can eat.

11. Really feeling the vibe.

12. Might be the best video of 2019.

13. Do your own thing.

14. It’s only been five minutes.

15. This pooch is gettin’ down.

More of this, please! More and more! And the more. Please.

Okay, it’s your turn! Give us more tweets about amazing doggos! Do it in the comments! Or just let us know which ones you like the most.

Either works for us!