Cats do what they want, when they want. That should come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever been a cat owner in their lives.

And these cats are staking out their claims wherever they damn well please.

Do you have a problem with that? Too bad!

1. Special delivery just for you.

When your cat arrives in the mail from cats

2. Do you mind?

Not where I’d choose to sit from TIGHTPUSSY

3. Are you comfortable?

Almost didn’t see her. from TIGHTPUSSY

4. Definitely a perfect fit.

perfect fit from TIGHTPUSSY

5. Looks like an optical illusion.

These two cats sleeping from oddlysatisfying

6. Snug like a bug.

Just tight enough from TIGHTPUSSY

7. I see you!

Tight ceiling from TIGHTPUSSY

8. Blending right in.

Cosplaying a stair. from aww

9. Good luck getting out of there.

The tightest from TIGHTPUSSY

10. I packed your lunch.

Becoming the loaf from thisismylifenow

11. Think it’s gonna work?

thats one way to catch birds from TIGHTPUSSY

12. A burrito cat.

In her favorite pillowcase from TIGHTPUSSY

13. Just like Houdini.

cattortionist from TIGHTPUSSY

14. One serving, please.

pussy bowl from TIGHTPUSSY

15. Don’t light the BBQ!

Practically asking to be BBQ’d from catsarefuckingstupid

I’ve had cats throughout the years, and I’d say that these posts definitely ring true.

What do you think? Do your feline friends pull these kinds of antics with you?

Tell us about it in the comments and share some photos with us, too!