What’s your major, bro? Is it business, bro?

I kid, I kid. Every college major can be easy to make fun of and they all have their certain quirks, but today we’re focusing on the business folks out there.

We apologize in advance, but it had to happen at some point.


1. Don’t want to miss that.

2. It’s been a long day.

3. So you’re trying to say there’s no studying involved?

4. They’re out there…

5. Are you sure about that?

6. A class war.

7. Hahahaha. That’s pretty good.

8. It speaks to them.

9. They’re behind it.

10. Better be a good one.

11. Come again?

12. That’s the deadline.

13. It’s gonna get ugly.

14. She crunched the numbers.

15. Truth bomb!

Were you a business major? Or perhaps you focused on something else?

Either way, make fun of your college major in the comments and make us happy!