You know when you have the perfect comeback, or a joke you know is just going to fire on all cylinders?

It’s pretty great, right?

What might be even better, though, is when you come up with a comeback to someone else’s great joke in the moment, like your brain is just working at top-notch capacity.

So please, enjoy these 15 jokes that backfired spectacularly. You know you want to!

1. Isn’t etymology fun?

I mean, I think it is.

byu/ExIsTeNtIaL_ShIt infacepalm

2. Saying you’re leaving is not a flex.

Literally no one cares.

Reddit itself doing its part
byu/bitlife_473673 inMurderedByWords

3. There’s nothing wrong with riding the bus.

But if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

Judgement backfires.
byu/abaxialanasazi26 inMurderedByWords

4. We really only care if you buy it.

You don’t even have to read it.

5. Historians are ruthless, y’all.

This is well known in the academic community.

byu/Aether-0917 infacepalm

6. Well that escalated quickly.

He started it, she finished it.

Got sonned
byu/Aroxis inMurderedByWords

7. You might as well get used to it.

We’re all old now so.

Getting owned by their own kids
byu/Bmchris44 inclevercomebacks

8. That metaphor doesn’t really work.

Also that’s none of your business.

You’re not wrong…
byu/BelleAriel inPoliticsPeopleTwitter

9. Stop the stereotyping, people.

Someone will always step up to prove you wrong.

High IQ destruction
byu/ShubhamG77 infacepalm

10. Maths are hard.

To be fair.

Simple math to hard
byu/uncle_russell_90 inclevercomebacks

11. Somebody failed their freshman English assignment.

They probably think the monster’s name is Frankenstein, too.

What’s Frankenstein about
by infacepalm

12. That didn’t really work out.

Nice try though, I guess.

She got played by her own words
byu/Wensted inclevercomebacks

13. This is actually a two for one.

And each one is funnier than the last.

A great follow-up to a classic
byu/SuperDaveinMN inMurderedByWords

14. I think I agree with Jen here.

Criticizing someone’s romantic life really isn’t a flex.

I just want a hug
byu/LakeshiaAngelo infacepalm

15. I mean…you can’t really argue.

Just give him the finger like a true American.

Sometimes you can find some gold in YouTube comments.
byu/ginpanse inMurderedByWords

I can’t stop snickering, y’all. Ha!

Have you ever witnessed an epic backfiring like this? Tell us the story in the comments!