Dogs. They’re the worst, right? You adopt one thinking they’re so cute and before you know it your whole LIFE is revolving around these puppers.

I mean, where do they get off? Invading our sleep and our free time, our relationships, our memes – they’re out of control!

Here are the top ten problems with having a dog and why they should be stopped.

10. They’re always chewing something

And you’ll never ever find out what it is.

9. They’re after your snackies

Once you pop, the barks don’t stop.

8. They’re so needy

When do pets become petulant?

7. They won’t stay off the couch

Look at all the adorable fur you left here!

6. They just look at you all day

Like they love you or something. It’s creepy.

5. They take your turkey

And not just on Thanksgiving.

4. They’re always preening

And for some reason they want you to be around for it?

3. They have no sense of priorities

What exactly are you guarding, guard dog?

2. They fill your phone up

Not even the cloud can be trusted with these beauties.

1. They’re master guilt-trippers

Look into those judging eyes and tell me you can withstand them.

In conclusion, these are the reasons that dogs are the bestest ever. That’s why I started writing this, right? I honestly don’t remember now. I’m just staring at widdle paws.

What’s the best/worst thing about having a dog?

Tell us in the comments.